Energy efficient, leak free roof systems.


We understand that when it's time to install or replace the roof system on your property, it is a BIG investment that needs a lot of research and can be a difficult process so it's important to select the right contractor, determine your budget and then choose the right roofing product. We have over 29 years of experience specializing in beautiful custom roof installations, with a specialty in all types of tile roof systems such as concrete tile, clay tile, slate roofing, and Decra (metal) tile. We provide a FREE 10 year workmanship guarantee most of our new roof installations or re-roofs with no strings attached. 


Ambatt Roofing Inc.'s professional Tile Installation crew have years of hands on experience specializing specifically on tile installations. This is a specialty service of ours and we take pride in the spectacular work that our tile crew has done for years. 


We only install top name brand products using only the highest quality installation methods performed by true roofing craftsmen who are experts in their field of speciality so while it's important to compare cost, be sure that you compare the details of the scope of work that will actually be performed as well and contact each of the contractors to ask questions to be sure that you know that you will be getting exactly what you want for your new roof system.


Keep in mind that there are various materials, underlayments, different levels of expertise in labor and different ways to install the same type of roof system so no two proposals/bids/estimates may be alike so it's important to inquire about your estimates and compare them to ensure the scope of work is equally the same. If one estimate looks very inexpensive, there may be a reason ... Remember the old saying "you get what you pay for" so don't want to base your decision solely with the lowest price the the misconception that you are getting a 'good deal' as all contractors should be similar in price for the same exact products and services. You don't want them cutting corners on your roof structure and endure big problems in the in the near future, which will cost you undue stress, headaches and financial burdens.


Example: Ambatt Roofing Inc. prices all tile installation projects to be installed using the, foam on adhesive method of installation ) rather then the screw method of installation) on which is more costly but it is a high quality roof system that will last about twice as long then the screw on (nail on system) method .The screw on method is approved and will pass inspection by most building departments standards, but it's not recommended. The screw on method will result in hollow tiles causing them to crack and break prematurely while also literally having hundreds of nails penetrating your brand new tile roof system which results in serious and expensive leak issues because rain seeps in through the nail holes. Because the the tiles are hollow, air and winds can get in and lift off a screwed on tile from the roof.

Research the web, ask about the roofing company:

  1. References

  2. Affiliations

  3. Look at a home in person

  4. Review photos of the company work online

  5. Ask the county or city building officials (such as permitting and Inspectors) for feedback on a local company that your thinking about hiring.

Protect yourself, things to check:

  • Liability Insurance

  • Workman's Compensation

  • Better Business Bureau


  • Dept. of Business & Professional Regulation